Families Celebrate Anniversary of Mother's Day Blessings

Three families walked into Sacred Heart Church Mother's Day morning with something very special to be thankful for.

"I didn't realize how empty my arms were or how big of a hole there was in my heart until I got her," Robin Manson said.

Manson and her husband adopted their daughter from China three years ago on Mother's Day.

They say they can remember what the holiday was like before Susanna became a part of their lives.

"As I went through my thirties, and found out I was infertile, Mother's Day got to be a rather difficult day for me," Manson said.

But her attitude changed when she met the Parr family from Pascagoula.

Julie Parr works for the Catholic Social Services, which helps international children who are in are orphanages find loving parents in South Mississippi.

"There are millions of children all over the world who are in desperate need of loving homes, and we chose the international adoption route," Parr said.

Julie Parr and her husband have two biological children but also have two adoptive children.

Parr explains that even if a mother is able to have kids, adopting a child who needs a home is a loving alternative.

"We just wanted a larger family,I think we just had room in our hearts for more children," Parr said.

And as these families left church on this Mother's Day, they are able to celebrate the anniversary of when the children met their moms for the first time, something they will be able to celebrate every day for the rest of their lives.

If you are interested in international adoption, there will be a seminar at the Biloxi Diocesan Center on June 24th. For more information, you can call 228-702-2100 and ask for Julie Parr.