Skydivers Set Free-Fall Record

As postal worker Becky Layne put on her gear getting ready for her skydive, she admited flying isn't just for the birds.

"I've always wanted to fly,"Layne said.

"Flying isn't being in an airplane. Flying is being up there like the birds."

Layne is part of a group who boarded these planes with a plan to break Mississippi's record for a single formation freefall. The current record is 40 people free-falling together for five seconds, set last year at this same location.

"It's a rare opportunity to get with this many free fallers at one time," Layne said.

The owner of Gold Coast Skydiving also got in on the record breaking effort.

"Gold Coast Skydivers own all the records in Mississippi, and once you set the bar at a certain level, then of course, you want to go above that level," Mike Igo, the owner of Gold Coast Skydiving said.

It took the group three tries, but they finally reached their goal, leaving Becky Layne and others at a loss for words.

But breaking this record is only an incentive for these daredevils.

"Next year we'll probably do bigger than 60," Igo said. "We'll probably do 80, and then the year after that, we'll do 100."

Because everybody knows skydivers can't just push the limit.

They have to jump off of it.