Hard On The Eyes

Homeowners on Douglas Street in Pascagoula complain that three vacant buildings are making their neighborhood look bad, and they want to see something done about it.

"I hate to even walk out my back door and look at this," says Pat Bosarge about the empty house next door to her.

The house has burned twice. It's missing windows, doors and most of the paint has flaked off exposing weathered boards.

Bosarge says the yard is even worse looking than the house.

"The weeds are almost as high as I am," said Bosarge.

Bosarge's home is surrounded by what she calls eyesores. She says directly behind her house, another abandoned home has been sitting untouched for more than a decade. The grass and weeds have grown up several feet high and boards cover the holes where windows used to be.

"I want to see it cleaned up or torn down. Whatever it takes," says Bosarge.

City Building Inspector Steve Mitchell says the city is trying to find the owner of one of the houses. The owner of the other house is scheduled to go before the city council for a public hearing.

Already, this year the city has torn down five abandoned or dilapidated homes. Two more are set to be destroyed.

by Josh Ridgdell