Annexation cases have one attorney saying enough is enough

It's WLOX News Director Brad Kessie.  There's a great discussion taking place in Pass Christian tonight about how much is too much.  Earlier this month, the city lost its annexation attempt.  So yesterday, Pass Christian's attorney filed paperwork to appeal that decision.    However, the mayor isn't sold on the idea of dragging anybody back to court.  "This thing has cost enough money," Pass Christian Mayor Chipper McDermott told me.  Aldermen meet tonight to discuss whether a prolonged court battle is in Pass Christian's best interests.  "If we don't want to do it, we'll just cancel," the mayor said.

Harrison County attorney Tim Holleman is one who believes Pass Christian should move on.  "Enough is enough.  You lost.  Stop," he told me earlier today.  Holleman contacted WLOX News because he's getting tired of seeing taxpayer money being thrown away in annexation battles.  Since he became county attorney in 2009, three cities have spent millions of dollars trying to expand their boundaries.  And all have been unsuccessful.  "Quit trying to grow," Holleman said.

The price tag to put an expansion case together  – close to $3 million.  And in each case, the municipality lost.  "Somebody ought to start looking at the money wasted on these annexations," Holleman said.

There's a party tonight at Jones Park.  It's for city workers.  They're getting a preview of what the public will see this weekend when the park reopens for the Gulfport Music Festival.  Terrance Friday has our coverage on WLOX News at 6:00.

And at 10:00, we'll be at Gulfport High School.  Friends are once again rolling up their sleeves to donate blood, and see if they can be a bone marrow match for leukemia patients like Nick Myers.

Have a great evening.