Shattered Glass Still Visible After Saturday Storm

Ruth Moore got a phone call late Saturday night. It was Gulfport police, telling her about the storm damage at her Highway 49 furniture store.

When she arrived from Perkinston that night, she took Polaroids of the scene.

"See all the glass there," she said, pointing to one of the pictures.

The Polaroids gave you a glimpse of Saturday night's powerful storm.

"It looked a mess," she remembered. "The glass was mostly outside the window. It blowed out."

Two days later, plywood boards covered the broken windows at Broadus Furniture. If you looked through a hole in the wood, you could see other Highway 49 damage. Air conditioning ducts blew off a closed convenience store. And shattered glass covered the sidewalk where the Humane Society wants to open a new shelter.

It appeared as though the storm jumped from Highway 49 to 34th Street. That's where the storm smashed right through a renovated two story office building. Almost a third of the glass covered facade blew onto the parking lot.

Other storm debris littered isolated pockets of central Gulfport.

"It was a bad storm. But it could have been worse," Moore said. "If it was during the day, someone could have gotten hurt."