Biloxi's Newest Residents Rate Annexation

Adjusting from county living to city life doesn't seem like too difficult a transition for Biloxi newest residents. Wells Ferry has been part of Biloxi for a little more than a month now.

Dan Schroeder loves living on the water and he loves living in Biloxi. He's pleased with the changes he's seen in Wells Ferry since annexation.

"The police are just more visible than the Sheriff's department was and I think because we're so close, I think all the cops just want to see new area. Get familiar with it," said Schroeder.

The people here say they've felt welcome by Biloxi since the first day they became city dwellers.

Britt Singletary said the neighborhood "had a complete inundation of Biloxi police officers and firemen basically making acquaintances, saying 'hello.' I think it showed that they accepted the responsibility of this community here and we appreciated that very much that they would immediately move to get themselves acquainted with us."

Neighbors pushed to become part of a city they belive will give them a better future.

"We feel like with the tax revenue and the fiscal responsibility that Biloxi has that they'll be able to do what needs to be done here as far as services," said Harry Shoemaker. "I'd give them an A, an A plus but I felt that way about Biloxi before we were annexed."

Public safety isn't the only perk Wells Ferry residents have gotten since becoming part of Biloxi. Some of the children in the neighborhood have applied for scholarships from Biloxi that they weren't eligible for before annexation.