Mom, Baby Survive Scare On Flooded Road

Samantha Roberts had finished about two-thirds of her paper route when she approached the Diamond Road bridge. The pre-dawn darkness made it hard for her to see river water covering the road.

"When I hit the water, my car turned sideways," she remembered.

The car ended up pinned next to two trees. Water started pouring into it.

Roberts reached for her 15 month old son Zachary.

"I turned back, got him out of the car seat," she said. "I grabbed him with my one arm and I threw him on top of the car. And then I climbed out the window. I was freaking out. The first thing that came to my mind was the current was so bad, I couldn't swim with him. All I could think was oh my God, me and my son are fixing to drown, and I can't do nothing about it."

Just then, Greg Taylor approached the flooded area.

"I didn't notice the water in the road myself until I was pretty close to it," he said.

Part of Taylor's truck was in the water.

"I had already put my truck in reverse to back out. And I heard her screaming," he remembered.

So Taylor called his 16 year old son. Jonathan brought a rope to the Diamond Road bridge in north Harrison County. He tied one end to his truck, and the other end to his dad. The elder Taylor then walked toward Mrs. Roberts.

"It was pretty tough trying to pull him through the current of the river," the teen said.

Accoring to his dad, "My son helped pull me back out with the baby. And then I went back in and got her."

While Taylor waded back toward the submerged car, his wife Sheila held onto Zachary.

"Bless his heart whenever he got to me, he put his little arms around me and just hugged me and he kissed me on the cheek and went uh like that," she said. "It was so precious."

One of the amazing parts of this story is Greg Taylor wasn't supposed to be on Diamond Road at 5:27 this morning. Normally he's already at work. But for some reason, he was running late. His tardiness is the reason the newspaper delivery girl and her infant child were pulled to safety.

"Maybe I should have been, but I wasn't scared at the time," he said. "I was scared for them, but I wasn't scared for myself."

Back at her home, Samantha Roberts had nothing but praise for her rescuer.

"I mean I thank him so much," she said. "He saved our lives."

The Diamond Road bridge was the only spot in Harrison County that had to be closed Friday because of flooding.