Gas prices are in a free fall

It's WLOX News Director Brad Kessie.  I spent part of the day on the phone with people familiar with Gulfport's big announcement.  The city apparently has a developer to bring Centennial Park back to life.  Centennial Park is the old Gulfport VA property. And a group called Glastonbury Gulfport is ready to build homes, restaurants, offices, and a hotel on that Highway 90 site.  According to paperwork from Glastonbury, "The principals have extensive experience with both historic properties and adaptive reuse of existing properties, especially properties previously owned by the government."

We broke this story with a breaking news email.  Now, Danielle Thomas is working on additional details.  You'll see her story on WLOX News at 6:00.

Be sure you flip over to WLOX News at 6:30 on our CBS channel.  That's the only place you'll see an Al Showers story about what it took for a Bay St. Louis school to be considered one of eight model schools in the country.

Are you aware that gas prices suddenly seem to be in free fall?  A month ago, AAA said the average gallon of gas in South Mississippi cost $3.75.  Today, a Biloxi gas station was selling regular unleaded gas for $3.23.  That's a 52 cent drop in 30 days.  And by the look at the pumps at that station, drivers seem to be taking advantage of the suddenly cheaper prices.  Details on WLOX News at 10:00.

And I encourage you to go to the WLOX Facebook page and read the Elizabeth Vowell's blog titled "A Promise to Remember".  It's her impressions of the Honor Flight and its significance to South Mississippi veterans.  After one Facebook visitor read the blog, she wrote, "That is so moving and awesome."

Have a great night.