Clean Drinking Water On Tap For Moss Point

The city of Moss Point is one step closer to getting crystal clear drinking water. City leaders say engineers have almost completed the planning phase for the installation of a reverse osmosis water treatment system that will remove the odor and discoloration from the city's drinking water.

The system is said to be similar to the one Pascagoula began using in January of 2000. The system brings in water from city wells and runs it through a series of filters and treatment tanks which removes organics and sediments. The system has worked wonders for Pascagoula's drinking water.

Moss Point businesses hope it will do the same for them. Hampton Inn Manager Ed Murphy says the discoloration and odor of the city's tap water has raised concerns with many of his guests.

"They ask, ya know, why is the water brown and then we explain to them the situation and where they're at," said Murphy. "They're in an area that has brown water. It's not something that's created by our plumbing or anything like that. It's just brown water."

The hotel staff uses a blue deoderizer to mask the water in the toilets. For those who notice the water's color Murphy leaves a bottle of drinking water and a poem to help ease guests' concern: If you're wondering why the water is brown, It's the beautiful river that flows by our town, You can drink our water and bathe without fear, For no one lives longer than the folks around here.

Not everyone takes the situation so lightly. Murphy says the dark tinted water has caused the hotel to lose money becuase of its 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

"When a guest is not satisfied with Hampton Inns they're not expected to pay... so we've actually refunded money because of brown water... because they felt the water was not just brown but it was dirty," said Murphy.

It will take approximately three years for the city to install the facility and have it up and running.