Re-enactment Of The Landing of D'Iberville Lands in Ocean Springs

As Beverly Kiernan sat with her three children at Front Beach in Ocean Springs, he kids got to experience an historical event first-hand.

"I explained to them that at first, there were only Indians here," Kiernan said.

The re-enactors portrayed what happened here 305 years ago, while French settlers, along with their leader, D'Iberville, landed on the Gulf Coast, and met the Native Americans, as they marched toward their settlement.

"History is always important," Ellis Branch, a reenactment participant said. "We were the first capital of the Louisiana Territory. It was a great thing for our community."

Parents said it was a great educational experience for the community as well.

"I believe it teaches them a lot about their history and how it came to be what it is today," Kiernan said.

"I think there's always a relationship with what went on in the past and what we can learn for our future," Lisa Vollmer, another spectator said.

Vollmer had never seen this reenactment, although volunteers have been doing this for years. She thinks everyone who lives here, should learn about how many of their ancestors got here.

"I encourage the rest of the community whether they're long-time people here or newcomers to come out and witness the event as well," Vollmer said. "It's part of our heritage here."

"It tells them how the United States came to be and how we all got here in the first place," Kiernan said.

And as the Native American drums beat the tunes of tribal music residents got to see how an act of peace made the first settlement on the coast.

More than 100 people turned out for this weekend's reenactment.

Organizers say they usually have a bigger turnout, but the weather and other events on the coast this weekend played a roll in the attendance.