From Death's Grip To Holding A Lifelong Dream

He's been told not once, not twice, but numerous times by doctors that he wouldn't live to see the next day. On Sunday, Jack Divers says he'll unveil the fulfillment of a lifelong dream when P.J.'s Coffee Shop begins serving customers in Gulfport.

Last minute training should have the P.J.'s staff ready for the shop's grand openning. The owner had always planned to start serving up hot coffee here in April. April 2003 not 2004. One day last year Jack Divers's skin went orange, then 30 hours later he was in a two month coma.

"I started coming out of the coma with a life expentancy of zero. I had my last rites writen to me twice" said Divers.

Then his dream of owning his own business started to recover. Although doctors diagoned Divers with liver cancer he seemed to be slowly getting better. Then in June, he had a relaspe.

"I had a ruptured pancreas. During that time I wasn't sure what was going on and I had a very slim chance of making it through the operation." said Divers. "So I fell asleep. I was given some antibiotics and I woke up the next morning looking at the Beau Rivage sign which was pretty redeeming."

Divers says he went to the brink of death a wealthy man and left rich with compassion.

"The people were taking care of me where the people that don't have the wealth, don't have the social environment. They don't have a lot of the other things and it brought me into reality.When that happened to me, I redirected my life" said Divers.

The nearly clean bill of health didn't take away the longing in his heart to open his coffee house.

"Whenever I come into this place and I see the way it is, it's a God send" he said.

As it turned out Divers was misdiagnosed. He says his condition wasn't caused by cancer but by an unknown toxin in his system. P.J.'s grand opening is set for 6 a.m. Monday morning.