Community Clean-Up Helps Combat Litter In Moss Point

By the time most people were crawling out of bed this morning, Pastor Rapheal Johnson and his crew had already been hard at work for six hours.

"We've been out here since six Saturday morning," Johnson said. "The eight and nine year olds did all the mowing."

This group is part of the community clean-up day in Moss Point. City leaders organized this event to help the community combat the growing problem of littering.

"They come in and pick up their supplies," Edna Fields, with the City of Moss Point said. "We gave out gloves, trash bags, pick up sticks."

More than 150 volunteers came to clean the streets Saturday, including 13-year-old Eric Knight who saw just how bad this clean-up was needed.

"Just a whole bunch of trash, I mean mostly, you see furniture that people be putting on the side of the street," Knight said.

"It won't be so hard if you just use garbage cans and don't throw our things on the side of the road, don't litter," Johnson said.

And although some streets didn't get cleaned, that's not discouraging these volunteers.

"I think it makes it real beautiful, and I'm hoping the citizens will continue to help us keep it clean," Fields said.

"We got to take one step at a time, and that's what we doing right now," Knight said.

Moss Point city leaders had up to $10,000 from a grant to help pay for today's community clean up.