Smokin' the Sound Getting Ready For Full Throttle

Randy Linebach's death is being mourned by all of the race participants, but racers in Smokin' the sound are professionals. Sunday, they continued to do what they do best--boat racing. Sunday, 32 boats competed in the qualifying races, all jockeying for positions in Sunday's race. People lined coast beaches, piers and casinos to get a good view.

Bradley Davis and his four sons lined up to buy wristbands for Saturday's Smokin' the Sound events. Thy had never seen live boat racing, and couldn't wait to get into position. "Just watch the boats, watch them race. I bought my boys out today to have some fun," Bradley Davis said.

Rachel and Errol Ortego were soaking up the races at the Porter Avenue Pier in Biloxi. They didn't know about Smokin' the Sound when they planned their vacation, but as they watched the boats roar by they said their getaway couldn't have had better timing. "My husband got on the Internet and just to see what was happening in Biloxi for the weekend, and he said, Oh my gosh, we're going to see Smokin' the Sound," said Rachel Ortego.

"This is the first offshore racing I've ever seen. I've seen some freshwater racing with the smaller boats, but this is even better," said Errol Ortego.

This is the Offshore Superseries' first time to hold boat races here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. There's a good chance the races will be returning here the next two years. That decision mostly hinges on this weekend's turnout.

"The crowds look good so far. We're real hopeful,"  said Smokin' volunteer Larry Burdenshaw. Burdenshaw spent much of the day at Point Cadet Plaza, answering calls about the event.  "If phone calls are an indicator... We're going to be swamped, and that's good news, Burdenshaw said.

Wristbands are being sold for premium race viewing spots and other Smokin' activities. Races begin tomorrow at noon.