Man found dead by boaters likely died in an accident

It's WLOX News Director Brad Kessie.  I spent part of the early afternoon on the phone with Pascagoula police.  I wanted to get you inside information about the body discovered in the Pascagoula River.  Here's what I found out.  Boaters noticed the body around 11:00 this morning.  It was roughly 50 yards south of the old Coast Guard pier.  Coast Guard members helped pull the body was pulled out of the river.  At last check, Pascagoula police weren't releasing the victim's identify.  But, I did learn the man's death appeared to be an accident.

This next story was no accident.  A 75-year-old was enjoying life in his Moss Point home, until two men broke in, and reportedly beat John McNair.  Moss Point police say as the camouflage wearing suspects took off, they stole items from McNair's home.  According to police, the elderly man suffered a serious head injury.  The alleged culprits have not been identified.  When we learn additional information about this investigation, we'll post it on

This was the National Day of Prayer. In cities across the coast, people came together and prayed as a community. We attended several prayer services today, including one in front of Biloxi City Hall. More than 150 people participated in that service.  You'll see excerpts from several prayer day events throughout the evening on WLOX News.

Al Showers did a story last night about that Katrina high water marker at I-10 and exit 13.  And it certainly hit a nerve.  Bay St. Louis leaders don't like the marker because they think it scares potential developers away.  So, they worked out a deal with MDOT to change what the marker says.

That got more than a few of you pretty fired up.  You should read the 184 posts on our WLOX Facebook page.  I tell you what.  Click here, we'll take you to our wall.  And after you read the comments, maybe you can add your own post about the Katrina marker.