Boat Drivers React To Tragic Accident

The atmosphere among the teams gathered here at Race Village at Point Cadet was somber as the news spread about the death of a fellow competitor.

Many of the boat drivers we spoke with say although unfortunate, these types of accidents are a part of competing in a sport they love.

"I've been hurt and I've been thrown in and I've counted my days, I've had bad days. But unfortunately though yes this happens every year," said Speros.

This is Speros's first year competing as a full-time driver.

He says he has reached speeds up to 125 miles, but he says these boats can literally fly over the water, and the driver has to know his limit.

"You have to know the limits of your equipment. You have to know how willing the boat is to turn, how it will take a particular wave, how it's gonna ricochet from that wave and I have to react to make it do what I'm gonna do when it's trying to do what it wants to do. So it gets scary sometimes and get this 8000 pound machine running around and you got a bunch of other boats around you and there's water flying and sometimes you can't even see where you're going in moments," said Speros.

Todd Werner agrees.

He has been racing for 10 years now, and says every boat driver wants to race as fast as they can to win, but you also have to remember to race safe, even during a practice run.

He believes there is a lot to learn from today's tragedy.

"Why did today happen? What caused it? And once we know all those things, we create more safety equipment or make sure that we use safety equipment, depending on what happened," said Werner.

On Sunday, Werner is racing this 42-foot "pro marine racing" boat, which is similar to the boat on which Linebach lost his life.

But with accidents come lessons, and the race will go on.

"We all realize the dangers involved. We love the sport , we love the adrenaline that comes from it, and the thrill of the competition and the checkered flag," said Werner.

An autopsy of Randy Linebach will be conducted Saturday morning.