Locals Connect Soldiers Overseas to Home

As Pamela Glenn watched WLOX's Midday News with her granddaughter, it reminded her of her son's homecoming just a month ago, and how many soldiers aren't at home in South Mississippi right now. So she decided to do something to bring South Mississippi closer to these soldiers overseas.

"When the boys came home, I just wanted to continue to help," Glenn said.

While her son was gone, she collected donations from the community, and sent more than $7,000 worth of phone cards to the soldiers. After talking with her son about how much the soldiers loved the connections to home, she decided her mission wasn't over yet.

"For one of those soldiers to be able to talk to a loved one back home, it really feels good for them," Glenn said.

Friday morning she started printing out donation request letters again to send out and hopes the community will give generously, since she says so many of these soldiers are giving their lives.

"It just shows them that we back home are supporting them. That we do believe that what they're doing is right, that we need to do this. And it lets them know that we love them, and we want to do whatever we can. These phone cards give them the chance to talk to the ones they love and miss," Glenn said.

As she puts the first of the letters in the mail for delivery, she hopes her phone card delivery will be accomplished.

"If any way possible you can help and donate one phone card, you will make one soldier's day," Glenn said.

And also make that soldier feel closer to South Mississsippi.

If you'd like to donate money for phone cards, send donations to:

Pamela Glenn
P.O. Box 194
Pascagoula, MS 39581