Plans To Tear Down Old Pascagoula High School Could Hit A Brick Wall

Looking at his old year books remind Bruce Parker of the days when he roamed the halls of Pascagoula High School. Parker says many memories were made, and good times had, in the halls of the now vacant building that city leaders hope to tear down to make way for a new community center.

"I'm an alumni... 76. A lot of people have gone through those halls and are now scattered all over the United States. Man, there's a lot of history there.

Parker is a member of the Pascagoula Preservation Heritage High School Society, or PHS2, the group hoping to stop the city from tearing down what they call a piece of their history. Members were shocked when the city council voted to demolish the building at Tuesday night's meeting.

"It's some kind of disappointment and that's putting it mildly," said Parker.

There's still a ray of hope for Parker and the members of PHS2. Before the old school can come down the city has to remove it's designation as one of Mississippi's Historical Landmarks. To do that they have to go through the state's department of Archives and History. The Pascagoula Historical Preservation Committee fought to get the school on the register. Getting it removed could be even harder.

"We were told difficult but not told impossible. That's why we're going ahead and trying. You never know the answer to something until you ask," says Ward 3 councilman Joe Abston. "If we can't get the designation removed then we don't want the property."

Bruce Parker and the rest of the PHS2 members are hoping that's just what happens. The city also has yet to attain ownership of the property from the Pascagoula School District.