Grim Reaper Visits Bay High

Some Bay High School students got a sobering lesson Thursday about the consequences of getting behind the wheel drunk. The school's student against drunk driving organization, wanted to give their classmates a dose of reality before graduating seniors head to the prom.

Like a thief in the night, the Grim Reaper the symbol of death sneaks up on unsuspecting students. SAAD President Paige Ladner and two others painted the faces of two students chosen by the grim reaper.

"You have just been killed by a drunk driver. You were with your mom and a drunk driver was on the road and he had killed both of ya'll. You're not allowed to talk the rest of the day you're dead," Ladner explained.

Once every ten minutes someone dies from an alcohol related accident in the United States. Because of that the Grim Reaper at Bay High also struck every ten minutes.

SAAD Member James Everhert, was one of the first to be picked by the Grim Reaper.

"This morning I was in the hallway going to my class and I was chosen to die. It was quick unexpected. I didn't expect to die I thought it would be a normal school day."

10th Grade Student and SAAD Member, Heidi Egloff said, "It's really scary and it kind of makes you really stop and think that those people I'm here with today may not be here tomorrow because of stupid decisions they've made or people they were around made."

A mangled car involved in an actual DUI accident sat in front of Bay High as a visual reminder to students of just what can happen when you get behind the wheel drunk.

"We're hoping this will change people's decisions on prom night when everybody's ready to party and go have fun and drinking and getting drunk we're just hoping this will impact their decisions on drinking and driving." Egloff said.

SAAD Members are also hoping their sobering message sinks in quickly, the senior prom is this Friday Night.

By: Al Showers