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What is the connection between migraines/headaches and your teeth?

The connection between migraines/headaches involves how your teeth mesh together.  Dentists refer to this as your "bite."  Since migraines/headaches may be linked to a misaligned bite, improving your bite could put you on the road to migraine relief.

How exactly does your bite play a role in headaches/migraines?  Many people don't realize that the muscles of the temple area and forehead play an important role in positioning and closing the jaw.  If your bite is misaligned, it can lead to tension in those muscles – one cause of tension headaches.   If the bite remains untreated, the muscles may remain tense for long periods of time leading to poor circulation in the forehead and temples which can cause vascular headaches.   Clenching and grinding can also cause headaches.

This misalignment of the bite is known as temporomandibular disorder (TMD) – often referred to as TMJ.   In addition to migraines and headaches, you may experience other TMD symptoms including neck, jaw  facial, ear or shoulder pain, clicking or popping of the jaw, limited mouth opening, sensitive or sore teeth,  tinnitus, tingling in the hands/arms, and excessive snoring or sleep apnea. 

Dr. Teets may be able to treat your migraines/headaches (and other TMD symptoms) through neuromuscular dentistry.  This treatment is non-invasive, doesn't permanently alter your bite, and uses no medications.




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