Family Needs Help After Fire Destroys Home

A weekend house fire left a mother and her four children in desperate straits.

Lizette Dillon considers it a blessing that she and her four children were not home when fire broke out in the bedroom of her Esters Boulevard residence early Saturday morning.

"I thank God we weren't home cause I have sleep apnea and I wouldn't have been able to wake up. The smoke would have probably killed me," Lizette Dillon said.

However, that most important blessing aside, she and her family now find themselves homeless and deprived of all of their worldly possessions.

"Right now I don't have no income, no money on me, cause on the first of the month I pay all the bills for the month and I'm on a fixed income every month. I have a little insurance and that's gonna take a while before I get anything from them cause of the paper work and processing I have to go through. I don't have anywhere to stay... I gotta come up with a deposit... then I gotta come up with furniture and clothes, just everything. I don't have a spoon or a plate to eat off of. I got nothing. Nothing but what we had on our backs."

Compounding the tragedy of this total loss is the fact that since that early Saturday morning fire, thieves have actually broken into the house and taken some items that might have been salvageable.

"I got a TV missing already. It probably ain't no good. My daughter says her TV is missing. She says her little stereo is missing."

What Lizette says she needs now is a helping hand, from friends and even strangers.

"If ya'll can do anything for me and my family. I'm a single mother parent with four kids and I need help."

If you'd like to help the Dillon Family, call 436-9787 or 365-6998

by Don Culpepper