Termites are swarming. Is your home in danger?

It's WLOX News Director Brad Kessie.  If you watch WLOX News at 6:00, you'll meet a man who epitomizes patriotic pride.  His name is Rick Camarena.  I know him because I play basketball with him every Saturday.  You may know Camarena because he's one of the people who's reinvesting in downtown Gulfport.

Before he moved to the coast, Camarena lived in Los Angeles, and he worked with the fire department.  After 9/11, Camarena rushed to New York.  And he attended nearly three dozen funerals for fallen comrades who got trapped in the World Trade Center rubble.  A few weeks back, he showed us a picture from the New York Times that featured Camarena at one of the funerals. Today in New York, the new Freedom Tower became the city's tallest building.

Camarena told Trang Pham Bui that tower is a symbol of resilience for not only New York, but the entire nation.

If you caught an A.J. Giardina's Action Report last week, you know he spotlighted a Jackson County property that had fallen into disrepair after Katrina.  The new property owner vowed to clean up the eyesore.  And over the weekend, he did just that.  You'll see A.J.'s Action Report follow up on WLOX News at 6:30, only on our CBS channel.

Anybody notice the swarm of termites that appear to be invading South Mississippi? Pest control workers certainly did.  They've been swamped with phone calls today from people wanting to know what they can do to keep the termites at bay.  Terrance Friday investigates on WLOX News at 10:00.

Also at 10:00, we have two investigations you need to see.  A.J. looks into a D'Iberville cold case.  Why has nobody ever been convicted in Monnette Manual's stabbing death?

And in Greenwood, Mississippi, authorities say a 70-year-old oncologist allegedly hired two men to kill his ex-wife's lawyer.  You'll see the Raycom News Network investigation only on WLOX News at 10:00.