Naval Forces Surround Golf Course Green

Members of the United States Navy converged on Gulf Hills golf course Friday.

They were there to salute two of their buddies. A pair of chief petty officers decided to combine love of country, with their love of golf.

That's why they held a re-enlistment ceremony on the 18th green.

The formalities on the 18th green at Gulf Hills lasted less than ten minutes. As golfers on nearby number one prepared to tee off, two of the Navy's finest were signing up for another three years.

"I can't see a better way to get everybody out here on the golf course than to come out here and reenlist on the 18th hole," said Chief Petty Officer, Tony Terry.

Immediately after the ceremony, the Navy contingent hit the fairways. Or rather, they tried to.

"Command as a whole golfs a lot out here at Gulf Hills. So, we thought it would be a good idea to just come out here and reenlist. Then have a good day," said Chief Petty Officer Barry Smith.

"That's better Jeff. Now that one's got to get down," shouted Terry, as he encouraged a partner whose drive strayed a bit.

The newly reenlisted Barry Smith also faced trouble off the tee. To friends who compare him to Tiger, he admits his play is more like Tigger.

But these Navy friends aren't complaining about their questionable skills on the course. The only possible complaint are those pesky gnats. Chief petty officer Terry suggests they'd make a good weapon of mass destruction.

"We could use them as gnat warfare," he suggests.

Aside from the bugs, reenlistment day is good at Gulf Hills.

"It's a good time to relax. Have a good time. And work on your game. And I need a lot of work on my game. So it's a good thing we're out here," said Smith.

Both of the men who reenlisted have been in the Navy for 21 years. No word on what they shot in  Friday morning's round.