St. Martin teens support classmate


ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - As Cindy Robertson browsed thru the merchandise students at St. Martin High School were able to collect, she couldn't help but be proud.

Robertson has been teaching in St. Martin Schools for 30 years. She says this fundraiser is a clear example of the type of students she's watched grow up.

"This is a wonderful show of spirit and support for a young man who has so much potential and is just getting started in life. I'm so proud and inspired by such a wonderful turnout of donations," Robertson said.

As Tyler Youngblood continues in a battle against leukemia, the 17-year-old is finding that he's not in the fight alone. Friends, faculty and family have all promised to help in anyway they can. This fundraiser is just one example.

"We had many people that donated several different items, and we are so thankful to the community for taking a part in this and participating. We had a crowd when we opened this morning, and they're still coming in. We did it by donations and people have been very generous," Organizer Suzie Hinton said.

The organizers aren't the only ones overwhelmed by the support. Tyler's family is also just as grateful.

"We're selling car decals, and it's very overwhelming because it's very emotional to see people actually want to have these on their cars and their t-shirts. It's nice to see people in these t-shirts when they come in. It's heart warming," Tyler's cousin, Brittany Santamaria said.

"I've always been proud of our St. Martin Community and our students. I know a lot of people think young people are self centered, but just look at how much they're willing to do for each other. It's a wonderful thing," Robertson said.

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