Local Seabees React To Recent Attack In Iraq

NMCB 133 troops Saint Adam Record, Tim Miller, and Alan Cole, recently returned from a six-month deployment in Iraq and were fortunate enough to not undergo grenade attacks and gunbattles.

They came back with positive experiences.

"The people were great. Even in Baghdad, two days before the war was officially over, I was up there and we traded money, we talked about our families, we talked about our families, I mean it was great, it really was," said Miller.

So, as you can imagine, Tuesday night's attack came as quite a surprise.

The Seabees were helping Marines secure Fallujah when the warfare broke out.

"When I first heard it, it kind of shocked me cause you know I've been in the environment and I never encountered nothing in that nature. So I could imagine how they feel, just from me hearing it, I could almost feel their feelings, you know, how they would feel being in a real fire fight," said Record.

But these Seabees say combat, even though it is few and far between, is part of their jobs.

"We should take this training that we do for real and don't just take it as play because we never know when we'll be in a real situation and we really need to use that training and put it in a real situation," said Record.

"They were doing the job while under fire, and still was able to turn around and step out of the buildings state and actually do the fighting," said Miller.

And their final words for those still in harm's way.

"Keep your heads up. It can't last forever," said Cole.

These three guys leave in June for a regular deployment, but they believe this one will be easy compared to their days in Iraq.