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Magic Mesh

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Now that summer is right around the corner, wouldn't it be nice to leave your house or RV door open without having to worry about pesky bugs getting in? Well, Magic Mesh promises to make that a reality for you, but does it really work? We purchased one from a local Walgreens store to "Try It Before You Buy It."

The 'Magic Mesh' consists of two 'screen like' panels that attach to your door frame with either the tacks or Velcro that are included. There are several sets of magnets on both sides of the panels that are suppose to automatically bring the two panels together after you walk through.  According to the directions, the first thing you're suppose to do is attach the hook and loop strips, also known as Velcro, to the border of the 'Magic Mesh.'  After that, measure your door frame so you know precisely where the center mark is. That's where you'll install the first piece of Velcro, or in some cases, tacks to hold up the mesh.

If you use the Velcro installers, make sure to leave the 'loop' strips attached the Velcro sides when you put them on the panels, otherwise, you'll have a hard time lining the hook strips with the Velcro once it's installed.  The entire assembly time takes about 15 minutes. Once I was finished with that, it was time to test the 'Magic Mesh' and it's claim to be the answer to letting fresh air in, and leaving bugs out!

I walked through the 'Magic Mesh' several times and most of the time the two panels' magnets did pull them back together. However, if it's a windy day, you may have trouble seeing the 'magic' of the 'Magic Mesh' magnets pull the panels back together.

Another issue I found is that the fabric isn't tightly sewn together, at least near the top of the panels. When I tried to move the attached Velcro strip to another location on the door frame, the 'Magic Mesh' fabric immediately tore. So be extra careful if you have to move your panels for whatever reason.

We purchased the 'Magic Mesh' for around $15. It's sold in stores and online for anywhere from $12-$20, and I found it to work fairly well. On a scale of one to ten, I would give it about a seven!

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