Light of Hope Lit for Abused Children

A Light of Hope was lit Tuesday night for abused children in Jackson County.

At a candlelighting ceremony, high school student Brent Anderson sang about the struggles abused children face.

The ceremony was held to raise awareness about the growing problem of child abuse and neglect. The candles also represent all of the children who are in foster care in Jackson County to remind people to pray for them and give them hope.

"We were lighting candles so that we can light a ray of hope for children who are in abusive situations and so that they know people care, and there is a light at the end of that tunnel that they seem to be going through," Sharon Sigalas, a Youth Court Judge said.

"The lighting of the candles symbolizes the lighting the way for children to a safe, permanant home," Laura Singleton, the CASA Program Director said.

Participants in this ceremony took their candles home and were asked to light the candle each day this month to remember all the children who are still in abusive situations in South Mississippi.

By: Claire Nelson