Survey Finds Many NASA Workers Afraid To Speak Up

A survey released Tuesday shows that the majority of NASA employees are afraid of speaking up about safety concerns. NASA workers at each of its 10 centers around the nation including Stennis Space Center in Hancock County took part in the survey.

NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe held a teleconference to address the results of the survey today.

The survey says open communication is not yet the norm for the agency and people do not feel fully comfortable raising safety concerns to management. But not all NASA employees at Stennis feel inhibited.

"Many employees feel that decisions are made without impact from the employees. We're the ones doing the actual work so we feel we should be considered into the decision making process. I think that was what the survey was really looking at," NASA worker Dinna Cottrell said.

"Can you speak up? Do you feel empowered to speak up without repercussions? I can speak for Stennis Space Center. I really feel we can speak up."

The survey was conducted by an outside agency as a result of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. NASA wants to make sure the lines of communication are open to all employees.

A second survey will be conducted in about six months to see if improvements have been made.

by Al Showers