Voters Rate Presidential Job Performance

President Bush is preparing for a prime time news conference. The war in Iraq and the ongoing debate over 9-11 will be the key topics as the President addresses the American people Tuesday night.

He'll use the first 12 minutes of the news conference to reassure the nation about the rising casualties and insecurity in Iraq.

WLOX News discussed President Bush and his policies at the annual Southern Region Military and Civilian Job Fair in Biloxi.

With a backdrop of job seekers and companies hiring, you'd expect the economy to be a major concern. But the ever increasing violence in Iraq has made that the single most significant issue.

"So it's really a good opportunity for you guys," said Daniel Brewer, as he promoted the Crescent City school of gaming and bartending.

Brewer found his career opportunity in the gaming industry more than ten years ago. He could get called up to his second job any day now, going to work for the commander in chief.

"Being a member of the Mississippi Army National Guard and having to be on active service, I think he's doing a wonderful job. Ever since nine eleven, of course nobody asked for that to happen. I think only being in office for nine months, under the circumstances, I think he's done pretty well<' said Brewer.

Opinions about the President are as varied as the resumes making the rounds here. But most discussion involves Iraq.

"Overall, fair. I didn't believe in us going over there. But we're over there and I support everybody that's over there," said Diamondhead resident, Alice Brown.

David Frisby of Pass Christian says more force in Iraq is needed.

"I feel that putting more troops in Iraq would be better. Right now the situation is starting to deteriorate. He needs to get more people in there to stabilize. And the only way to do that is to put more forces in," Frisby said.

Carolyn Lewis wants the President to bring home the troops.

"He knows. He's the commander in charge. So, whatever he thinks we need to go along with it. But that's just my opinion. I'd try and work it out some other kind of way. And bring them home," she said.

The latest polls show Americans nearly evenly divided between President Bush and challenger John Kerry.

Steve Traylor says Bush gets his vote.

"Unless someone can show me where he has mishandled something or done something wrong, President Bush is going to be the person I'm going to vote for," he explained.