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Moss Point Schools Prepare for More Than Education

"I love children," Donna Rodgers, a Moss Point School Coordinator said. "I work with children. I've been with Moss Point for 21 years."

Donna Rodgers is part of a group of caring teachers who are spending two days learning how to help their students deal with violence and drugs. As Rodgers watched a video about student violence at this workshop, she says it opened her eyes to what students face and how she can help.

"Just being more conscious of the things that happen and why they happen," Rodgers said.

One representative from each Moss Point school came to this event to take the information back to their classrooms.

Librarian Mary Huntwork participated in a skit that these teachers can use to teach to kindergartners all the way to high school students.

"I think there's a lot you can do," Huntwork said. "I think the kids are begging for us to help them."

But some critics say by the time some students get to high school, programs like this can't work. However, teachers at this workshop disagree.

"Well, I've seen this program work," Bob Buell, a Moss Point High School Counselor said.

Buell put this program into action last year at his school after attending this workshop.

"When the children participated in it, became involved in it, and began to think about their own lives, their own vulnerabilities, that's the key to making it work," Buell said.

He and others here agree programs and workshops like this are making Moss Point Schools a more positive place for all students.

This workshop is being funded by "Title Four" federal money. The Moss Point School District qualifies for about $22,000 each year for violence and drug prevention.

By: Claire Nelson

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