What A Gamble -- What A Risk

A roulette table has dozens of bets that can make you rich, or strip you of your hard earned cash. Ann Rusher wouldn't take a chance at one of her tables. "I mean look at that," she said, looking over a table filled with options that favor the casino. "Would you bet everything you own on that?"

Rusher sure wouldn't. The Copa's casino director knows the odds of getting wiped out are pretty high. "For one, it's an extremely high house edge game," she said.

Sunday night, Ashley Revell took on the house. And he got lucky.

But addiction counselor Doug Knapp said good fortune on one lucky spin could be a compulsive gambler's undoing. "Yes, I think that gives a lot of people that false hope," he said. Knapp works with South Mississippi gamblers who risk their lives by risking their fortunes. He thought the bet it all gamble in Las Vegas was foolish. "I mean he gambled, he gave away everything. I mean he would have lost anything in the world that he had," he said.

Ann Rusher said her casino tries to keep patrons from risking too much money, especially regular customers. She said stunts like Revell's gamble should be avoided. "I really, honestly hope that people don't try that, because this was just luck, it was just luck," she stressed. And according to Rusher, luck is usually something on the casino's side -- especially at a roulette table.

On Good Morning America this morning, Ashley Revell admitted that in retrospect, he shouldn't have taken the risk.

If you've taken one too many risks, and you need help, you can call the Mississippi Council on Compulsive Gambling . That phone number is 1-888-777-9696.