Pacagoula's Downtown Canopy To Come Down

On a rainy day, the downtown canopy still serves a purpose. But those in favor of a taking it down say the city's new plan will serve business better everyday of the year.

"As soon as the canopy is completely removed, we will have a new face lift and a new fresh look," says Pascagoula resident Grace Guess.

The canopy is not going anywhere in the near future. The city council wants to work with all business owners before going forward.

"Step two is getting the finalized plan to see what is going to be done," Pascagoula City Councilman Paul Clark says.

Richard Clenoweth was one of the business owners originally in favor of keeping the canopy, But he know believes it needs to come down after visiting other cities with canopies.

"Their downtowns were thriving before they put the canopy up, and then they died," Clenowith says.

The city council's next step is to work on finding the funding for the removal process in next year's budget, although no one knows yet what the job will cost.