Coast Guard Offers Voluntary Boat Inspections

As Singing River Power Squadron Leader Dan Warner finished his safety inspection of his boat, Jerry Jurkowski was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

"I guess it's good to know that you've met all the safety requirements involved, and if there's an emergency aboard, you'll be able to meet it and cope with it," Jurkowski said.

Jurkowski arrived at the Mary Walker Marina for a day of fun in the sun, when he saw the inspections being conducted and decided to make sure his boat was safe before hitting the water.

"We came down here to put it in water, and they happened to be here inspecting boats," Jurkowski said.

Members of the Coast Guard were also on hand to help with the safety inspections.

"That's basically all we're doing here, making sure everyone's in complience with all of the laws, so they stay safe out there," Kevin Brensinger, with the Coast Guard said.

Both the Coast Guard and the Power Squadron say the key to boating safety is spotting possible safety problems before they cause an accident.

"We're looking for things that affect the safety of the people on board that vessel," Joahan McDole, a Power Squadron Inspector said.

And as Jurkowski prepared to hit the water, he knows he's protected himself thanks to this safety inspection.

"It's good to know that boats are being inspected, and they are safe to operate," Jurkowski said.