South Mississippi Attracting More Families

The Mississippi Gulf Coast continues to be designed for the kid inside us all, and it's no wonder that children adore coming here. The area is full of wonderful weather, nature, water, sights and smells to stimulate the senses. Some of our man-made madness is aimed at adults, but there's a growing number of things to do for those who can't gamble.

Workers at the Oasis Resort put some finishing touches on a new pool activity area designed especially for children, while parents and kids enjoy a fun day in pool and lazy river.

"And we came out here all day yesterday. We ordered some room service for the kids last night and they rented a movie, that's it," tourist Joni Planchet said.

Joni Planchet and her children prepared for another day out in the sun today.

The family said they enjoy all the amenities South Mississippi has to offer and plans to come back again.

"There's lots of outdoor activities, lots of stuff for the kids, that's why we're here," Planchet said.

At the Oasis resort, construction is continuing in other areas, like at the new 'Island' themed bar and refreshment stand. For the pool area manager, it's an exciting time for her, and her guests, who are mostly families

"We definitely trying to promote a family driven environment out here. We've added a volleyball court in addition to the splash pad," Oasis spa and pool manager Barbara Couture said.

Children made their own splashes in the water as they gracefully floated away their time. Courture said she expects more and more families to come to this area.

"There's just so much that children can do, families can do. It can open up, casinos aren't the only thing that bring people to the Mississippi Gulf Coast," Couture said.

The new family area at the Oasis should be finished by next weekend.