Heather Golden Is Pushing High School Golfers On The Mississippi Gulf Coast

Heather Golden shines on a golf course. The Biloxi High School junior competes with the guys and she's highly competitive. Heather and her family moved from Hawaii to Biloxi when her dad took a job at Keesler Air Force base in August.

Heather said, "I had a lot of competition in Hawaii. They were all girls but it's a little different here being the only girl out there playing with the guys. I can handle it."

Biloxi golf coach Spud Wieniewitz said, "She hits it between 260 to 265 off the tee which is a long way for a female. Her short game is a little behind right now but its coming along pretty good. Hopefully she'll be sharp for the District Tournament coming up."

Heather reminds many local golfers of former Hancock High standout Laura Moore McCann, who earned a golf scholarship to LSU. Laura is an assistant pro at the Great Southern Club.

McCann said, "When I was in high school the guys really didn't want to have anything to do with me because they thought just because I was a girl I couldn't hit the ball. I guess I showed them a little something out there."

Heather admits since moving from Hawaii to the Mississippi Gulf Coast her golf game hasn't reached its peak. Heather said, "The winter here basically threw me off because in Hawaii I played all year round. I didn't have a break like I did here so it set me back a little bit."

Heather Golden brings out the best in everyone, especially the young men she's playing against. Biloxi golfer Jordan Church said, "It's a little different from playing with men because playing with Heather gives you a little pressure. You don't want to be beat by a girl. It pushes you and makes you play a little harder."

Heather Golden has this year and next year to fine tune her golf game, one that could land her a college scholarship.

Gulfport High School also has a femail golfer, Emily Parker, who has also won a number of tournaments this year.