California Man Rides Trikke Through Coast

No pushing, no pedaling, just rock-n-rolling.

That's how California native Jimmy Evans is taking in the view of the Mississippi Coast - on a three-wheeled combination of action, fitness, and extreme sports, called the Trikke Cambering Vehicle or a 3CV.

"It's a 3-wheel. It's a cambering action. It makes it go back and forth and it's your body motion that makes it go and you can isolate different parts of your body. It's real stress-free. It balances very well. It's very hard to fall over on. I think there's a wide variety people can use this safely," said Evans.

Since December 12, Jimmy has been demonstrating the new 3CV in small towns and major cities from the Southwest to the deep South.

But even though this is his first trikke ride, it is not the first time Jimmy has traveled the non-traditional way.

"The first one was on a bicycle, but I went from Florida to California. I came right through here and that was the eye opener and it got me interested in these things so I immediately bought a ticket to Australia to go across Australia and I'm kind of very fortunate to have an opportunity to have this venue because I just don't want to do anything. I want to do something that means something," said Evans.

He wants to demonstrate a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness, and even though he's accomplishing what he set out to do, he has gained a lot more from this trikke trip.

"I've gotten so much from this trip- the people I've met along the way. This brings you closer to God whenever you're out in the elements like this. What I've gotten on this trip you couldn't pay for," said Evans.

Jimmy's ride is being sponsored by Trikke Technology, Incorporated. The company designs, markets, and sells a line of cambering vehicles to children, teens, and adults.