Accused Killer Claims Innocence In Hancock County Double Murder

Troy Galarza left Hancock County Justice Court Thursday morning in handcuffs and shackles. He made it clear with obscene gestures, he didn't want his face on TV.

"Put that on TV," Galarza said as he held up his middle finger.

Although Galarza has not officially entered a plea, the 35 year old professed his innocence to our cameras.

Galarza is accused of killing a Pearl River Louisiana couple then burying their bodies in a shallow grave in rural Hancock County.

The bodies of Melissa Polk and her boyfriend Steve Bossier were found on property Galarza once owned on Lower Bay Road last month. Eighteen days after the bodies were uncovered, sheriff's officials say they got the break they needed to make an arrest.

"I feel very strongly he's capable of murder. With the circumstantial evidence that we have, with the witnesses that we have, I feel we've got a good strong case," Chief Investigator Kenny Hurt said.

Hurt says the victims' bodies had been in the three foot grave for six to seven weeks before a couple who recently bought the property discovered the bodies while clearing the land.

Authorities believe before Galarza buried the two, he poured a white chemical powder on them to mask the odor of the decaying bodies.

"That's all I can say, because I don't know what it is until everything is back from the lab and we can prove what it is," Hurt said.

Hurt says the victims were friends with their accused killer. As for a motive for the murders, Hurt says there's a connection to illegal drugs.

"It's definitely drug related. It could have possibly been money owed."

Hurt would not say how the victims were killed.

"I'm not going into that at this time. Maybe at a later date we can. There might be other arrest, we don't know at this time. The way they were killed is a key piece of evidence."

Bond was set Thursday at $2 million. Galarza will be back in court for his preliminary hearing May 4th.

by Al Showers