Grandson Allegedly Killed 79 Year Old

Jerry Wayne Brazeal climbed out of a Biloxi squad car in handcuffs. The grandson who lived with Annie Uchello was going to jail for allegedly killing her.

That news didn't surprise Kathleen Patterson.

"I just had a feeling right here that it was him," she said, pointing to her heart. "All the neighbors did."

Patterson lived across the street from Mrs. Uchello for almost 40 years. The murder stunned her.

"Because I don't know of anybody that wanted to hurt Annie," she said.

The murder suspect is 25 years old. The night of his grandmother's beating, police said it was Brazeal who contacted authorities and reported a burglary at this address. But according to investigators, evidence and lab tests linked the grandson to Mrs. Uchello's February 28th beating, and her death a day later.

"This was the grandson who lived with her," Lieutenant Alan Bond said. "This wasn't a stranger. This wasn't someone who was stalking the neighborhood."

Brazeal's arrest eased fears back on Miller Street. But it didn't make it any easier for neighbors to forget how hard it's been to live the last month without Annie Uchello across the street.

"This whole neighborhood has been upset," Patterson said, taking a break from her yard work. "I don't understand it, I really don't."

Brazeal was taken to the Harrison County jail. A judge did not set bond for the murder suspect.