Termites Out to Get Your House?

Regina Woleslagle-Owen didn't think it could ever happen to her new house in Jackson County.

"I didn't know what they were," Woleslagle-Owen said. "I had no idea. I assumed they were out to get me."

Regina inherited this house from her father a year ago. She also inherited some costly pests called termites.

"You can see the damage they did," Woleslagle-Owen said. "This house is only six-years-old."

Bruno Milanese owns Bay Pest Control in Ocean Springs and came to Regina's house to fix her termite problem. He says this is his busiest season of the year because termites are out in full force.

"The inspectors will do anywhere from seven to 10 inspections a day and usually doing that many inspections a day, they'll find termites on about 40 to 50 percent on them" Bruno Milanese, the owner of Bay Pest Control said.

He says South Mississippians should be more wary of termites because of the conditions here.

Regina wishes she would have been more wary of termites.

"If I had known there were preventative measures, I definitely would have checked into those, and I will do so in the future," Woleslagle-Owen said.

She hopes others will learn from her mistake and get their homes checked yearly.

Some tips pest control experts recommend to prevent termites are to:

--Remove tree stumps from around the house.

--Fix leaky plumbing or drainage under the house.

--Stack firewood off the ground and away from your house.

--Don't let outside faucets drip onto the ground.

By: Claire Nelson