Jobs In GIS Field Outnumber Qualified Applicants

Stennis Space Center celebrated GIS Day on Wednesday. It's a nationwide observance of the Geographic Information Systems industry.

The remote sensing industry uses satellite technology to create detailed customized maps of earth for all kinds of government and commercial uses. College and high school students from all over the state were invited to learn more about this rapidly growing industry.

Allan Falconer with the Stennis Space Center says the industry is expanding so quickly, there are not enough skilled workers to fill job openings.

"We have got more jobs available in Mississippi now and over the next two years than there are people graduating from colleges and universities with the skills required," Falconer says.  "So if you want high tech in GIS and remote sensing there is more than one job for you today.

Falconer says last year there were 130,000 jobs up for grabs in the field, and only 40,000 graduates available to fill those jobs.