Boardwalk Project Enters Final Phase

The only boardwalk in the world to stretch 26 miles of highway and beach front will be right here in South Mississippi.

From Pass Christian's Henderson Point all the way to Biloxi's Point Cadet, you won't have to step off and on incomplete boardwalks and sidewalks anymore.

Over the years, walkways have been built along the beach as part of Harrison County's "Pedestrian Pathway Project", but a whole lot of gaps remained.

"With this current phase what we intend to do is close in all those segments," Harrison County's Sand Beach Director Bobby Weaver says.

Getting money from the federal government to complete the boardwalk project was part of a Master Plan that dates back to the mid 80's.

"I guess 6 or 7 years ago they kicked off this last phase. We got the money programmed, got the designs done, went out and got bids, and we are starting to see the fruits of that labor now."

The labor involves a lot of sand moving before the boards go down.

The boardwalks are in areas very close to Highway 90's fast moving traffic and in parking bays for safety reasons.

"In all the other areas where it's safe enough to put the concrete sidewalk, right along the north side of the seawall, we're doing that. And another thing, the cost factor. It's a lot cheaper to do the sidewalk than the boardwalk," Weaver says.

This final phase of the project will cost about $4 million and should be complete by the end of September.