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Turtles Candy

2lb chocolate candy melts
1 bag individually wrapped caramels
1lb pecans chopped or whole
sm cup of warm water
wax paper
melt chocolate in microwave at 30 second intervals.  Be careful not to burn.  The chocolate works best at about  95 degrees if you have a candy thermometer.   Place wax paper on a cookie sheet.   Using the bottom of a teaspoon dip in the chocolate and a make a circle of chocolate.  For larger turtles you can us a tablespoon.  Continue making either 16 large circles or 28 small.  Set chocolate aside.   Put caramels in a microwave dish still wrapped and heat at 30 second intervals until soft.   Dip fingers in warm water and unwrapped caramels pressing the caramel to flatten.  For large circles put 2 caramels, for small use one Caramel.  Next put pecans on Caramel , (the amount used is your preference.)  Warm chocolate again being careful not to burn.  Using spoon cover each turtle with chocolate and top with pecans.  Makes apprx. 16 large turtles or 28-30 small.
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