Sewage And Water Lines Project Back On Track In Gautier

Drivers slow down when they hit the construction traffic on Highway 90, but workers are moving faster because of the good weather. "

Now that the weather's better, it's a lot dryer," David Holman, the project superintendent said. "We are able to dig ditches and move our equipment in, without the risk of having to sink down. It's helped out tremendously."

Work has been pushing along for the past month but got pushed back when heavy rain hit in January and February.

"The bad weather killed us," Holman said. "We had one week where we could only work one day all week so that's how bad it was."

Now that the project is on track, the workers want it to stay that way. If it doesn't, Gautier City Manager Don Pickard said this company could be penalized for not finishing on time. The good news is, when the project is finished, it should raise the property value tremendously.

"Just simply because you have water and sewer, it's going to bring more value to the property," Don Lucas, a civil engineer for the project said. "

Now that this property is developed, that will allow for business enterprises and all sorts of developments to take place," Holman said.

For now, the water line on the south side is done, and they're working on the sewer lines for the north side. As long as the weather holds out, workers will try to keep the project moving.

Sixty-thousand feet of water and sewer lines are being laid in Gautier. The addition will cost the city more than four million dollars with a June 30th deadline.