Shelter Needs You To Make Dream Come True

Hundreds of people gathered in an old warehouse off Highway 49 to see what could possibly be in the same location in the future.

The Humane Society of South Mississippi unveiled its plans for a new 9-acre "Animal Campus", which would house the four critical components for solving pet overpopulation.

"Aggressive spay/neuter, and then education , licensing laws, and then a new facility, because in the old facility, we just can't aggressively pursue the spay/ neuter like we need to," said Humane Society Board of Directors president Tara High.

The shelter sees about 16,000 animals each year, and High says the current facility, where the shelter has been located for more the 50 years, is just not working anymore.

"Right now, we are maxed out in our capacity and we're having to schedule weeks in advance. We need to be able to adopt a dog today, do surgery tomorrow and let them go home with their new owner tomorrow already altered so they don't go out into the community unaltered," said High.

Besides a spay and neuter facility, the new plans feature a clinic, an animal walking park, where the community can bring their own pets for a stroll, as well as obedience programs and animal education programs for children.

But for now, it's simply a dream - a fun, whimsical place for people to come and have family time while enjoying our four-legged neighbors.

Here's how you can help the Humane Society reach its goal.

Call 863-4394 or click here for donation information.

One donor will match any funds collected by June 30th, so you may help build a new home by the end of next year.