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School Nurses Train For Disasters

School nurses do more than just bandage boo-boos and dispense medicine. They could be one of the first on the scene if violence or other emergencies erupt on campus. That's why school nurses are in Biloxi to train for any disaster.

Sandra Peek with the National School Nurses Association said, "They can be natural disasters that people in Mississippi would face, such as hurricanes, and it could also be created disasters, such as a bombing or a shooting in a school. Another aspect of a disaster could be disease, such as anthrax, which we have seen in other parts of the nation".

The school nurses say they want to have a plan in place, so if a crisis does occur, they can deal with the emotional and physical needs of children.

Peek said, "We would want to have supplies in place. We would be able to provide first aid care. We would also want to have training of school personnel, as well as school nurses, so that we would react if there were many injured people. We're learning about Triage and ways of organizing people within the school to come in and help".

Kathy Fisackerly is the president of the Mississippi School Nurses Association.

"There are lots of different plans being made, but unfortunately, school nurses are being left out of a lot of those. If a school is involved, and you've got all those vulnerable children, we know we would be the ones who could help. But we need to be involved in the early planning so we know how they need us to help."

The Mississippi School Nurses Convention at the Biloxi Grand Casino ends on Friday.

By: Trang Pham-Bui

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