Surge Hold Town Hall Meeting

Mississippi Surge owner Tim Kerr held a town hall meeting Tuesday night to discuss the financial challenges facing the hockey team.

Around 200 fans showed up to ask questions and share ideas on how to help generate revenue.

Kerr has told fans that if 1000 season tickets are not sold by the end of the month, the future of the team would be "in serious doubt."

Today Kerr revealed that he took a loss of $175,000 last year when 605 season tickets were sold.

Only 411 season tickets have been renewed thus far.

Kerr spoke candidly tonight in saying, "there is probably not going to be a team here if we don't sell tickets."

The math is simple: at between $400-$450 per season ticket, Kerr must sell 1000 to break even next year, and that doesn't even begin to re-coop what Kerr lost last year.

It is notable that payment plans are available for fans to purchase season tickets.  Military and children's discounts are available.  And the deposit has been decreased to just $25.

But Kerr can't wait all summer to make a decision on the team.  He must let the SPHL know if he will have a team this year by May 15.  Surge fans have until that date to convince their owner that the team should stay.