Florida Businessman Brings "Mario" To The Coast

The chairs, the oven, and the rest of the kitchen may be empty now, but in a few weeks, the Mississippi Coast will be able to taste what thousands of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale residents have experienced for years - Mario The Baker restaurant.

"We have the top of the line product and we cater to the family. You know? People can go out, you know 3, 4, 5 people and spend a twenty-five dollar bill," said owner Sal Siragusa.

Sal Siragusa believes his restaurant specializes in two ingredients that are needed on the Mississippi Gulf Coast - quality and quantity.

"We felt the market called for a place like this. The workers that work in various hotels had really no place to eat besides the fast food places and opportunity called for Mario the Baker. So my family is loaded with sons and stepsons and brothers. We have many, many men and boys in the family, so we figured we bring our product to the Coast," said Siragusa.

Siragusa is a native of Sicily, therefore he guarantees his product includes authentic Italian cuisine, such as veal parmesian and lasagna.

And if you're wondering what sets Mario the Baker apart from the competitors, Siragusa has the answer.

"They drool over our famous garlic rolls. They actually ask for bibs because the garlic just pours on them and they love it, they love it, they love it," said Siragusa.

The grand opening of "Mario The Baker" is scheduled for April 14.

It is located on Highway 90 in Biloxi, between Veterans and Rodenberg Avenue.