Hattiesburg Man's Body Found In Kansas Freezer

Police in Kansas are investigating a strange double murder they believe originally occurred in Mississippi.

During a drug bust earlier this week in Russell County Kansas, sheriff's deputies found the bodies of a man and a women. The two were discovered inside a freezer on a rural farm.

Investigators now believe the pair were actually killed at their home in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

The man was from Mississippi, and the woman was originally from Kansas.

Kansas TV station KAKE reported on Wednesday that police in Mississippi say a man from Kansas confessed to killing the two, and that the deaths are drug related.

Neither the Russell County Sheriff's Department nor the Kansas Attorney General's Office is commenting on the case. But people who live in the area are talking.

A farmer who lives next door told KAKE News he noticed some suspicious activity. He says last Thursday, he noticed a pickup truck he'd never seen before with out-of-state tags back into the garage on the farm.

KAKE News also talked to a man who actually rents the land on the farm. He says the house has been abandoned for a couple of years.