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State Slaps Dupont With Fines

Technical errors in air emissions at Dupont will cost the Delisle company $60,000 in state fines.

Dupont must pay the fine because its pollutants exceed what its Department of Environmental Quality permit allows. Some of the violations date back to 1989.

Still, the DEQ says the emissions are well below federal levels, and the emissions pose no health or environmental threat.

Dupont says when it applied for its permits, mistakes were made in calculating what the emissions would be. The company is trying to correct the problem, while facing criticism from the Mississippi chapter of the Sierra Club.

Dupont Unit Manager Donald Dees says, "It was just some wrong information. In one instance it was a technical error. The limit was one point two and we inadvertently put a point two in the permit so that made the permit a little lower than we needed it to be."

But the Sierra Club says that just shows the company doesn't know how much it's emitting.

"Dupont is just like any other big corporation. They're only concerned about making big profits. They have no concern about the health of the people or the environment. That being the case, they should be willing to put forth better management practices."

Dupont says it's doing that by working closely with the DEQ, and getting the right information in its emission permit application.

byMarcia Hill

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