Biloxi Jr. High Wins National Honor

Rachael Gautier took her newly-built plane on a test flight Wednesday. Rachael said "We kept testing and testing it, but it wouldn't work. So we kept putting glue on the tip of it to where it would balance it out and it finally flew".

Rachael is learning about the future of aerospace in the Technology Discovery Class at Biloxi Jr. High. In the lab, the 9th graders sample all sorts of high-tech topics from lasers and satellites to the basics of robotics and DNA testing.

Lauren Olson is one of the technology teachers. She said "This class originally was designed to get kids interested in technology education. When they figure out what DNA is, and they say oh this is what they were talking about with O.J., yeah! That little light comes on and it's awesome to see".

One of the most popular experiments is designing and building a bridge that can take the weight. Teachers say the program helps bridge the gap between what students read and what they actually do, and will help them soar in their future careers.

Chase Munro said "We learn lots of hands on activities. We learn how to do various diagnostic testing from people, stuff that we'll learn in college if we go to pursue that field".

Rachael Gautier said "I had no idea how to do Biotechnology, or learn how to work on a computer. I had no idea how to do that until I got in here. It helps you realize what you want to do when you grow up".

The Technology Discovery Program has been part of the Biloxi School District for nine years now, and this is the first time the program has won the National Excellence Award.