Vietnamese Murder Case Stumps Police

Crime scene investigators spent the morning at the Lorraine Road trailer park. They searched lot B-19, looking for evidence that could tie somebody to an overnight murder.

Alan Bond headed up the detective division at the scene.

"We determined that there was a victim that was here in the front room," he said. "And he had been shot."

A 33 year old Vietnamese man died in that front bedroom. When investigators noticed a hole in a mattress boxspring, they carried it outside and cut it open. Crime scene investigator Mike Manna said the chunk of wood they sliced off provided police a key piece of evidence.

"A piece of the projectile passed through the boxspring of the bed and entered this piece of wood," he said, while holding the wood chunk in his hand.

The owner of the Apple Valley Trailer Park said he rented lot B-19 to two Vietnamese people two months ago. And they didn't cause any trouble.

Neighbors said young people were always visiting the trailer -- and they drove fancy cars. That information -- along with surveillance video from nearby stores on Lorraine Road -- could help Biloxi police pinpoint a suspect's vehicle and make an arrest.

Bond said, "What we're going to try to do is talk to some of the people with businesses that have surveillance and see if those same vehicles that have been seen by the neighbors frequenting here did in fact come here that night."

Nearly 18 hours after the shooting, Biloxi police had no suspects, and no motive for the midnight murder.

Harrison County's coroner has done a preliminary autopsy on the Vietnamese shooting victim. He hasn't released the victim's name yet, because family members haven't been contacted.